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Spark direct reading spectrometer aes998

Brief introduction of the instrument:

All electronic components and optical devices are from the United States, France, Taiwan and other countries and regions;

The instrument has good long-term stability, and customers need not trace it. It only needs to be standardized once in a month or more;

The process accumulation has certain precipitation, and it has been worn for ten years, with high precision and low failure rate;

Domestic 1 meter focal length, can choose different grating according to different customer needs;

Laboratory environmental requirements:

Temperature: 15-30 ℃

Relative humidity: 20-80%, anhydrous steam condensation

Power requirements: 220V, single phase 50Hz, three wire 15A

Gas requirements: 99.996%, oxygen content shall not exceed 5ppm, with optional argon purifier

Size: 1800 * 1050 * 1245mm (L * w * h)

Instrument weight: 500kg

Optical system:

Optical structure: Paschen - Runge structure;

Optical focal length: 998.8mm;

Spectrum range: 170-780nm (vacuum), 190-780nm (air);

Incident slit: 20um;

Ejection slit: 35-100um;

Holographic grating: 2160gr/mm, dispersion rate 0.47nm/mm;

The number of lines is 1080gr/mm, the dispersion rate is 0.93nm/mm (first order spectrum), 0.47nm/mm (second order spectrum), 0.31nm/mm (grade 3 spectrum);

The number of lines is 1667gr/mm, the dispersion rate is 0.6nm/mm (first order spectrum), 0.3nm/mm (second order spectrum), 0.2nm/mm (third order spectrum);

Constant temperature, seismic and vacuum light separation room:

The special process is adopted for casting, the coefficient of thermal expansion is low, and the stress is eliminated;

The control accuracy is 0.1 ℃ at a constant temperature of 38 ± 0.1 ℃

It has seismic device;

Special vacuum chamber design is adopted to ensure that the light chamber has no oil vapor within 10 years and the service life of the instrument is more than 10 years;

The photomultiplier tube of Binsong, Japan, can be assembled up to 48 channels;

The computer monitors the constant temperature and vacuum state of the instrument in real time to ensure the instrument can work in normal environment.

Excitation system:

The light source is rich in conditions, and can be selected according to different elements of different matrix;

The dynamic flow rate of argon is 4l/min and the static flow rate is 0.5l/min, and no flowmeter is required to participate in it to avoid leakage;

The electromagnetic shutter is used in the excitation program to avoid the glare generated by detector detection and to avoid detecting the strong light signal in the pre combustion.

Measurement system:

The direct readout system of photomultiplier tube is adopted. Rg-59b/u coaxial cable is used in high voltage circuit, and rg-174/u coaxial cable is used for signal output line, which ensures high voltage safety and reduces signal loss;

The data synchronization acquisition system of 48 channels based on FPGA, all channels have 16bit ADC, sampling rate of 200ksps, all channels realize high integration and high precision voltage measurement and control system;

The system can realize parallel monitoring automation system and parallel operation diagnosis function based on FPGA, the output of negative high voltage module is 1000V, the voltage adjustment rate is 10ppm, and the temperature drift is 25ppm/ ℃; the module can realize the function of compatibility of multiple matrix by program control;

Original-1000v high voltage module of Speman, USA.

Computer control system:

External computer control

Windows operating system

Keyboard and mouse



Winspark10 package with calibration module for working curve

Friendly interface based on Windows system

Visual hardware self diagnosis and maintenance prompt system

Equipped with pre combustion curve, automatic optimization of pre combustion conditions

The system can store the trace spectrum and calculate the center position of the spectrum

The results show that the average content, standard deviation and relative standard deviation automatically correct the interference between the spectral lines of elements

The system automatically stores the analysis results and can retrieve the data


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