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Kunshan Shuhao's contribution to the integration of Linhu

Kunshan Shuhao's contribution to the integration of Linhu

Issued on: December 6, 2019

It has accumulated more than 3000 domestic and foreign funded projects, and cultivated 249 enterprises under the regulations; in 2018, the industrial output value reached 52.8 billion yuan, the added value of service industry was 7.2 billion yuan, and the general budget revenue was 2.2 billion yuan; it was ranked 54th in the top 1000 towns with comprehensive strength in 2019

"Being practical and open and inclusive is the town gene of thousand lights." On November 12, Qiandeng golden autumn economic and trade investment promotion conference was held. As chenjinlong, Secretary of the Party committee of Qiandeng Town, Kunshan City, said, with such genes, the passion of innovation and creation is burning. The United States and the United States and the joint science and innovation new town are in the south of Kunshan.

Make efforts to make projects to dress up the ancient town of "Zhimei"

"Kunqu is a very distinctive cultural attribute of Qiandeng. This time, we cooperate with Qiandeng Datang ecological park, and plan to develop high-end tourism routes and products customized around Kunqu elements based on Suzhou garden." Luxiaohua, design director of huajiantang resort hotel of Huaju group, revealed that the total investment of the contracted cultural tourism project is 50million yuan. It is expected to start construction in the second quarter of next year. After completion, immersive Kunqu experience scenes can be provided to help promote Kunqu culture.

If thousand lights are a folding fan, one side is culture, the other is economy. Besides the cultural tourism project, at this golden autumn festival, there are also major projects in the high-end link of the industrial chain, new research results of the Institute of the great academy and key core technologies.

Kunshan Shuhao Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. has rich experience in research and development of hollow cathode spectrometer and other products, and some of the products of the company have broken the foreign monopoly. In order to promote the landing of products and transform the technical advantages into market advantages, Shuhao instrument signed a contract with China Aviation Development Beijing Aviation Materials Research Institute on the same day. Songxiaohui, Secretary of the testing center of China Aviation Development Beijing Institute of aeronautical materials, said that the cooperation attracted more than "hard body and good foundation" of the enterprise. "Qiandeng provides us with many open elements for cooperation. Besides land, space, and special services in talent introduction, this is also important to us."

Since this year, Qiandeng has made "addition" in high-end industries. 10 major projects have been constructed and 5 have been completed for 16 cities and towns, mainly involving many front-end fields such as precision machinery, intelligent manufacturing and e-commerce. In addition to the new projects, it also includes many projects of the second phase. For example, the second phase of Beijing east project, including logistics storage, data center and auxiliary supporting facilities, is expected to achieve annual sales of more than 35billion yuan in three years after completion and operation, providing 2000 jobs; the second phase of Spanish industrial park with a total area of 716.8 Mu and Sino Western cooperation Science and Innovation Industrial Park project focuses on Spanish and domestic and foreign capital, and introduces and cultivates intelligent manufacturing, machinery and technology High quality projects with core technologies in the fields of machine man, high-end equipment, new energy and so on.

Thick planting fertile soil "Hongyan" flying into the science and technology innovation corridor

At the promotion meeting, 30 innovation cooperation projects involving Park operation, platform investment promotion and technical key issues were implemented, and 26 industrial and major infrastructure projects were started. "Qiandeng is a hot land for investment and entrepreneurship." Chen said that on this hot land, the friendship between Qiandeng and old Spanish friends has been further consolidated; the enterprises of South Korea and Japan have been working together to adhere to the green and safe development baseline, explore the transformation and development path of traditional industries such as chemical industry; and the relationship with Taiwan Merchants "one family on both sides" has been renewed, and they have witnessed a number of "big and small giants" such as Nikon, huanhong electronics, fuliwang and other "big and small giants" The company has been developing rapidly. It has been "hit hot" with private enterprises such as Jingdong, yiheda, Yidi, Kechuan, Eisen, Shuhao instrument, etc

Since 2018, the number of effective high-tech enterprises of Qiandeng has exceeded 100. At present, Qiandeng is focusing on promoting the spatial layout of "one hall, one core and many parks" science and innovation new town, focusing on resources to develop high-end industries with characteristics, "four new economy", and science and technology talents projects, focusing on wisdom to optimize business service environment, solve enterprise development problems, and strive to achieve leapfrog improvement of industrial structure and development quality.

This year, Qiandeng, on the basis of improving supporting functions, made use of market means to activate the resources of the old industrial zone, issued the "ten thousand" science and innovation industry policies and special policies for the reconstruction of private science and Technology Industrial Park, encouraged private enterprises to participate in the reconstruction of the science and Technology Industrial Park, and guided the traditional "leasing landlord" to "the scientific and technological owner" transformation. Seven projects of reconstruction of the park, about 400 mu, were launched throughout the year. One reconstruction and trial operation project has been completed and one is to be completed, with a total area of 100000 square meters of new scientific and creative carrier. Meanwhile, we will strive to complete no less than 5 civil science parks by 2020, and form an effective space for industrialization of science and technology not less than 200000 square meters, and introduce no less than 20 innovation and entrepreneurship projects.

Among them, the Yidi Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park Phase I is reconstructed and operated with 16000 square meters. When the annual industrial output value exceeds RMB 300million, it is double the original project output value. There are 9 projects introduced in the park, including 6 talent projects and 1 academician project. It is expected to be awarded 3 Kunshan entrepreneurship and innovation talents projects and 1 Kusu leading talent project.

Beauty and common blueprint become vivid reality

At the event site, the 100 million yuan "Qiandeng Nanxiang Yangtze River Delta intelligent manufacturing industry fund" was officially released, and the first project to be invested was successfully signed. At the same time, Qiandeng has brought the cooperation location effect of Shanghai to play, and Kunshan innovation and control group introduced the artificial intelligence research platform of Shanghai University of applied technology to promote the industrial transformation and upgrading. "The cooperation will be based on the school's superior disciplines, and will take the leading industry of Qiandeng, intelligent manufacturing as the starting point, introduce, cultivate and accelerate a number of high-quality projects in intelligent equipment manufacturing, system design and development and robot, so as to promote the" thousand lamp manufacturing "to" thousand lamp intelligent manufacturing "

Since last year, Qiandeng has cooperated with Nanxiang Town of Jiading, established "five communication mechanisms" for scientific and technological talents, and further promoted complementary and linkage in a wide range of fields. Meanwhile, both sides jointly run "smart manufacturing acceleration camp", relying on the professional advantages and resource advantages of incubators such as Nanxiang "science and technology 50" and the operation carrier of science and technology industry, accurately incubate the two-dimensional innovation projects in the field of intelligent manufacturing and accelerate the transformation of high-quality projects. 33 "smart manufacturing accelerated camp" projects were selected in the first quarter of this year, which led to the implementation of three high-level talent projects, including one academician project.

Nowadays, Qiandeng is accelerating its integration into the Yangtze River Delta and expanding new space for linkage development. Reporters learned that Qiandeng and Nanxiang took this promotion conference as a new starting point to jointly build "Qiandeng Nanxiang science and technology and Innovation Industrial Park", based on the advantages of space resources and industrial upgrading potential, and provided a fertile land for more good projects. The industrial park has a preliminary planning area of about 400 mu, which will duplicate Nanxiang Industrial innovation mode, introduce mature teams, give priority to the implementation of science and technology innovation projects in both places, and focus on cultivating high-end industries such as intelligent manufacturing and precision medicine. "Kunshan has the advantages of industrial policy service and space, while Shanghai has the advantages of industrial R & D and enterprises have service development needs. These two combinations can jointly promote the local industry agglomeration and service local industry development." "Said Guo Yaohua, general manager of Nanxiang Zhidi.

Jiangsu economic news reporter Liujing correspondent Shen yanwang Zhong Yi


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