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Glow spectrometer

  • Glow spectrometer hcd1000
Glow spectrometer hcd1000

Glow spectrometer hcd1000

Instrument features:

1. The invention of the device is conducive to the application method engineers to tap the potential of the device. In order to expand the application;

2. Multiple elements can be analyzed at one time;

3. This method is mainly a "dry" analytical technique, in which the solid sample (metal chip or powder) is directly excited;

4. No inflammable, explosive, harmful gas or chemical reagent is used, which is beneficial to human health, safety and environmental protection;

5. It is easy to operate and the unknown sample concentration can be obtained by weighing sample, excitation and computer analysis;

6. When the sample is excited, each element has a different life cycle, so the function of element evaporation curve is needed to determine the analysis time of different element integration;

Main technical specifications:

1. Spectral range: 200nm-500nm

2. Optical focal length: 998.8mm

3. Grating line: 2160gr / mm, dispersion: 0.47nm/mm

4. Water cooled electrode: circulating cooling water device, automatic temperature control

5. Light source: hollow cathode power supply

6. Constant temperature system: 36 ± 0.1 ℃

7. Weight: About 500kg

8. Size: 1800x1050x1245mm

9. Environmental conditions: temperature and relative humidity not more than 75%

Typical applications:

1. Hollow cathode spectrometer, the highest accuracy is 0.00000 1%. It is used for the determination of trace impurity elements in ultra pure refractory metals. The standard specifies 45 impurity elements (Pb, as, Sn, bi...) in aviation materials The total content of the above-mentioned compounds should not exceed 0.005%.

Other applications:

1. Determination of fluorine and chlorine in uranium oxide;

2. Alkali metal analysis;

3. Determination of oxygen in steel;

4. Quantitative determination of trace impurities in ultrapure reagents and semiconductors;

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