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PQL iron content meter

  • PQL iron content meter
PQL iron content meter

PQL iron content meter

From the detection method, the current iron content detection mainly includes atomic absorption method and atomic emission method. Although the AAS method is accurate, it is slow and complex in operation. Atomic emission spectrometry has been widely used, but it can not detect large wear particle method (whether it is rotary electrode or inductor ion coupling). For the insensitive large particles, it is sometimes fatal in monitoring and diagnosis, because the particles of normal wear of friction pair are generally less than 10 μ m, while the metal particles with the size of 15 μ m are caused by abnormal wear.

As for the detection of iron particles, the method to make up is to increase the iron monitoring and use the iron meter. The iron quantity instrument developed by our company is a measuring device based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. The measuring device has a sensitive electromagnetic coil. When the oil is put into the magnetic field, the ferromagnetic abrasive particles in the oil will cause the change of magnetic field strength. The size of the coil electromagnetic induction strength has a good correlation with the content of ferromagnetic abrasive particles. It can detect the iron magnetic metal chip content data of lubricating oil, hydraulic oil and grease quickly, so as to judge the mechanical wear condition.

Performance characteristics:

1. The patented sensor and signal processing circuit are used, which have good stability and high sensitivity.

2. The oil sample is transmitted, measured automatically, and one data can be measured in 10 seconds.

3. The supporting PC data management software, the measurement data can be directly imported into the computer for data management, trend analysis, curve printing, etc.

4. The oil sample does not need to be treated, and can be directly injected into the oil bottle for measurement.

5. Chinese and graphic interface, user operation and use is convenient.

6. You can enter any number and letter, and the user can name the file.

Technical parameters:

Ø power supply: AC220V ± 10%, 50-60Hz

Ø ambient temperature: 10 ℃ ~ 30 ℃

Ø display: lcd120 × 90

Ø repeatability: ± 4pq or ± 1% [take the big value]

Ø resolution: 1pq

Ø test time: 7 seconds

Ø measurable minimum: 5pq

Ø test the range of abrasive particles: > 1 μ m ferromagnetic abrasive particles

Serial port connection mode: USB bus port

Ø measurement range: 0-15000pq

Ø dimension: 370mm * 222mm * 140mm

Ø weight: 5kg

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