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  • Rowland fiber spectrometer
Rowland fiber spectrometer

Rowland fiber spectrometer

The technical parameters are as follows:

Detection range: 500-800nm;

Spectral resolution: 0.4nm;

Slit size: £ 30um;

Blazed grating: 1200 lines / mm;

Optical fiber interface SMA905 (including optical fiber);

Output: linear CCD universal output;

Overall dimension: £ 150 mm ′ 100 mm ′ 30 mm.

2. Technical content: the technology development contract involves the optical design and Simulation of miniaturized optical fiber spectrometer, the design and processing of mechanical structure, and the assembly and adjustment of optical mechanical module.

3. Technical method and route: in this scheme, the light to be measured is introduced into the spectrometer interface through optical fiber, and the initial light is limited through a slit. A pair of symmetrical reflective objective lenses are designed to collimate the divergent light to be measured and shoot it to the grating surface for dispersion, and then the monochromatic light with different angular spectrum components after dispersion is concentrated on the linear CCD. The dispersion element of the system is reflective blazed grating. The grating constant is designed and simulated to match the structure of the system and meet the requirements of spectral resolution.

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