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  • OIL spectrometer PO100
OIL spectrometer PO100

OIL spectrometer PO100

Instrument Production:

PO100 is an oil spectral instrument launched by Shuhao. It adopts the rotating disk electrode atomic emission spectroscopy technology, and a new digital light source control system, which is smaller and lighter. The professional test for metal abrasive particles and pollutants in lubricating oil or hydraulic oil and is consistent with ASTM D6595 standard. It also meets ASTM D6728 standard (For the detection of alkaline pollutants in fuel). Oil element spectrum analyzer, no need to dilute the oil, no auxiliary solvent or gas required. In 30 seconds, a variety of abrasive elements are analyzed at the same time, the users can detect the oil state of the equipment quickly. The analysis software of oil spectrometer (WINOILV1.0, which is developed by Soohow independently, which is intuitive and easy to operate, and can analyze various elements at the same time. Application fields: military, aviation, railway, ocean fleet, mines, refineries, power plants, oil plants, oil recovery, manufacturing plants, commercial laboratories, racing teams and other industries using lubricants.

Technical Parameters:

Optical System

1、 The multiple high performance CCD detector system; 3648 pixels per CCD; resolution of 58368 pixels (12 x 3648 pixels);

2、Temperature stability system; special materials are used to cope with drift;

1、Focal length: 500 mm; spectral line wavelength: 130 - 800 nm;

Digital Arc power supply:

The new type of "digital Arc light source" control is adopted, which has the advantages of small volume, light weight and stable excitation.Based on FPGA, Parallel acquisition of the Power Signals and achieve Realization of Control. The software of excitation condition can be modified, which is more suitable for the application engineer to find the analysis conditions to oil monitoring.

Analysis Software:

1、Graphical user interface for easy operation;

2、Create or modify analysis program;

3、 Common operation function keys;

4、Optional output mode (intensity, intensity ratio, uncorrected concentration, corrected concentration etc.);

5、Automatic standardization;

6、Standard deviation and relative standard deviation function;

7、Standard material library;

8、The element analysis results beyond the range of working curve can be marked;

9、 Statistical function software;

10、Statistical calculation;

11、 It can print all the excitation results or the average results of up to 100 excitation times, as well as the standard deviation and relative standard deviation;

Power Supply:

1、220V +/- 10%,single phase,50/60 Hz,10 A,1.5 KVA


1、Dimension: L110 x W48 x H68 cm;

2、Weight: about 150 kg;

Performance characteristics:

1、The detection method and precision meet the ASTM D6595 standard;

2、CCD detector full spectrum analysis technology, its convenient to configure more matrix and elements, convenient to supply configuration on the user's site;


3. The super long focal length design ensures that the instrument has good resolution;

4. The spectral line processing algorithm can be used for calibration, background subtraction and interference correction;

5.High detection accuracy, the detection limit is less than 1ppm;

6. The sample testing speed is fast, and the single testing process is less than 30 seconds;

7.  The instrument is easy to use and maintain,convenient,with low professional requirements for personnel;

6、The samples dont need pre-treatment and chemical reagents are not used, the test process is safe and environment friendly;

7、 24-hour working , with excellent stability and reliability;

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