Virdict oil detection

  • PF100


Iron wear tester is mainly used to detect metal particles in oil samples extracted from cylinder friction oil.

PF100 provides a simple and easy-to-use platform

 developed by Soohow Instrument and has undergone internal quality management control. It is an instrument with high accuracy and reliability.

 The instrument is ideal for testing and analyzing oil samples on site. For example a full laboratory analysis is not possible on a ship or in a remote location.

The PF100 is a precision magnetometer for on-site applications.


Analysis methods: 

Place the 5ml tube with the sample in the hole of the instrument,the metal contents(PPM) are displayed on the screen within 2 seconds.Use the Iron Wear Meter in cooperation with the Cold Corrosion Test Sets to obtain the total iron measurement of marine cylinder oil



Detection range ppm:0-2500ppm

Sample detection method: magnetic method 

Working temperature range:15°C - 40°C

 Display resolution:5ppm

Repeatability: +/- 10ppm (0 - 1000ppm) +/- 20ppm (>1001 PPM)  

Vials: Standard 5ml test tubes

Weight: 1.1 kg

Detection time: <3 seconds/sample

Power supply:24v DC-Power supply includes UK, EU and US power adapters.

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