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Virdict oil detection

  • Ferromagnetic Index Meter
Ferromagnetic Index Meter

Ferromagnetic Index Meter

In terms of detection methods, the current detection of iron content mainly includes atomic absorption method and atomic emission method. Although the atomic absorption spectrum method is accurate,but it is slow and complicated for operation. Atomic emission spectrum methods are widely used, but cannot effectively detect the large wear particles (either rotating disk electrodes or inductive ion coupling). Insensitive to the large particles is sometimes fatal in monitoring and diagnosis, because the normal wear particles of friction pairs are generally <10μm, while the metal particles >15μm are generated due to abnormal wear.

As for the iron particles detection, the compensation method is to increase the monitoring of iron content and use an iron meter. The iron gauge developed by our company is a detection device based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. The detection device has a built-in sensitive electromagnetic coil. When the oil is put into the magnetic field, the ferromagnetic abrasive particles in the oil will cause the change of the magnetic field strength.  the electromagnetic induction intensity of the coil has a good correlation with the content of ferromagnetic abrasive particles. It can easily and quickly detect the content data of ferromagnetic metal chips in lubricating oil, hydraulic oil and grease, then judge the mechanical wear condition.

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