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  • Duplex analytical ferrometer PA100
Duplex analytical ferrometer PA100

Duplex analytical ferrometer PA100

Kunshan Soohow Instrument Technology Co., Ltd.'s brand VIRDICT series products: oil spectrometer PO100; PQ iron meter PQ100; Ferromagnetic wear meter PF100; Analytical ferrometer PA100.


Ferrography analysis technology is one of the important technologies for equipment condition monitoring and forecast maintenance. It can accurately and reliably predict the wear status and potential failures of machine lubricating components, and maintenance actions to optimize equipment utilization and efficiency. The ferrography analysis technology developed by Soohow Instruments has established a standard for equipment diagnosis and is widely used in oil analysis laboratories around the world. Ferrography is mainly used for image analysis of wear particles in lubricating oil. Ferrography technology uses the action of magnetic field to separate the ferrous abrasive particles and adhered particles in the machine lubricating oil sample, and analyzes the shape, size, quantity and particle size distribution of the deposition and separation, so as to obtain the relevant information of wear process. For information. Using ferrography technology, it is possible to diagnose and monitor the wear state of mechanical equipment in operation, thereby improving the reliability and safety of the system. One of the important tools in the application of ferrography is the ferrograph.

The PA100 dual-circuit spectrometer, which is designed as two independent circuits, allows two oil samples to be prepared simultaneously. Operators can choose between automatic, semi-automatic and manual production of spectrograms .

PA100 Spectrometer Features and Benefits:


Moisture in oil has little effect on score making


Once the oil sample is ready and inserted, the operation can be automated and the operator can do other work

Adjustable control sample flow rate for consistent pattern deposition and repeatability


Make 2 comps at the same time in less than 20 minutes


Spectra are transparent, allowing to distinguish between metallic, organic and non-metallic particles, making diagnosis easier


Particles are arranged by their susceptibility and size for quick interpretation of particles

Rarely occurs particle build-up, allowing easy observation of particles important to reflect machine status



Two scores can be made automatically or semi-automatically at the same time.


Magnetic field: maximum magnetic flux density1.8T


Maximum magnetic field gradient > 0.5T/mm


Oil sample delivery: flow range 10-30ml/h


Oil pipeline size: 2.3mm outer diameter, 1.7mm inner diameter

2.6 Delivery method: pneumatic


Tilt angle of ferrous sheet: 2 degrees


Ferrography substrate size (mm): 60×24×0.12

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